Tepidarium - warming up bath

Get rid of harmful substances and toxins from the superficial and muscle tissues. Relax.

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The toxins and other harmful substances are washed up from the superficial and muscle tissues at a relatively low temperature and high humidity. It importantly motivates the blood circulation and oxygenation of organism.
The stay in the steam bath without the generator on contributes to considerable mental and physical tranquillization. In Latin ''Tepidus'' means ''warm bath''. Generally said, it is a ceramic bath for mild sweating procedures with the option of inhalation. In the Roman baths, the stay in the tepidarium preceded a massage (in our case the stay in the jacuzzi), where it's easier for the heated up muscles to regenerate thanks to the streams of water. While staying in the vapor sauna it is possible to inhale the solution of iodine salt thanks to a dosing machine called ''solan''. It has very positive effects on people with chronic respiratory problems.

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